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Someday I’ll see the sky.
I’ll climb the thousand steps.
The gates will open and my family will be waiting,
ready to take me home.

Sixteen-year-old Ebba has never experienced life outside the underground bunker deep inside Table Mountain, known as the colony. But in a sudden twist of fate she is Elevated to join the elite living on the surface in a post-apocalyptic world.
Was she saved because of the mysterious birthmark on her hand?
The High Priest and his handsome son Hal are especially keen to keep her close, but can she trust them? When Ebba learns she has a sacred task to find three lost amulets to save the earth from a second and final Calamity, it is clear that her life will change forever.

Living in a colony under Table Mountain, 16 year old Ebba, accepts that her life is to work along with the thousands of other children with a vague promise that some of them will be the new generation to populate the post-apocolyptic world.  Others who are thought to be defective, will be sacrificed.



Ebba is a young woman who, like most teenagers , finds herself in a world that’s so much bigger and more complicated than she realised. And she can’t just live in it; she has a responsibility to try to understand it and change it for the better. It’s a scenario that raises all sorts of tough questions.

Lauren Smith

Violin in a Void

From the first page, the reader is drawn into the story. Can Ebba learn to manipulate her power? What is the meaning of her birthmark? Can she make sense of her mysterious past to forge her future and save her world?
As the first of a trilogy, this novel promises many adventures to look forward to.

Loving Aunt


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