Another excellent book by Helen Brain

Helen’s novel is a fast, exciting read full of the ecological concerns that are so often captured in post-apocalyptic fiction today.

Lauren Smith

Reviewer, Alephi

New Book Reviews


Although written for young adults, as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed this book; reminded me of ‘The Hunger Games’ in style. Helen Brain’s writing is descriptive and pacy. I’m looking forward to giving copies to my grandchildren for Christmas.

Learn to Write


Helen currently offers a variety writing courses through SA Writers College. This course teaches to write dialogue, action and description. How to balance elements in your writing, introduce mood and tension, and how to write scenes that read professionally.

Write a Children's Book


This course is presented in two parts. In the first course, you will learn all the basic skills required to write a book for children, and you will make a solid start on your manuscript. The second part will provide tools and support you need to complete your book.

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