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21 hours ago
How To Translate Creative Ideas into Results

This is a useful article on turning ideas into reality by Srinivas Rao of Unmistakable Creative.
I'm finding the emphasis on deep work and cutting digital clutter so helpful. Also the new research ... See more

1 day ago
Where creative writing and visual art meet

Masha du Toit's brilliant article about how she uses her visual art training to develop the characters in the fiction she writes. Her storyboards are amazing, and then she makes sculptures of each ... See more

5 days ago

I’m trying to reduce digital clutter and distraction because my poor ADD brain can’t cope. This folder system for apps is really helping. My apps all fit on one page now, and I can find things ... See more

6 days ago

Poor dragon was abandoned in the charity shop. All of R20. I brought him home and now he wants to play the piano but his arms are too short

1 week ago
Karen Vermeulen Illustration

Man I love this T Rex on a moon balloon.

1 week ago

1969. I was 8. I dreamed of being a saint, and greatly admired by nuns. We had a little shelf of books in the classroom that we were allowed to read if we finished our work ahead of time.
There were ... See more

1 week ago

What was your favourite book when you were a child? (Under 10).
Do you still have a copy?

2 weeks ago

Thanks to everyone who tagged Lilith, Cecil and Gustavo. If you recognize anyone else in this photo please tag them.

2 weeks ago

Damnit I should have bought this splendid painting of cats when I saw it at the charity shop. Such a collection of smug staring beasts. Such impressive shadows. My favourite is the tabby at the very ... See more

2 weeks ago
Help Me Save Our Giants from the Woodchipper

This is what started me off writing my Elevation series- my outrage at ancient Karri forests being felled and turned into woodchip for junkmail. And it’s happening again.
Please, please sign this ... See more

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