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Matt Haig - he's looked into the abyss, and found a way to cross it.

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My books are on special this month, and BOOM, there's your Xmas shopping done, signed, sealed and delivered. Inbox me for more info.

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2020 SA Writers College Short Story Competition

You gonna enter this? You should. 🙂

1 week ago

A Facebook friend visited today. I’ve never met her before, and I’m both introverted and ADD so I started to doodle in my drawing book.
When I got up to go to the kitchen she asked if she could ... See more

2 weeks ago

I want my grandson to know about his grandfather’s family. Luke would have adored Hudson and would have been an exceptional grandfather. He’s not here anymore but I want Huddy to know about the ... See more

2 weeks ago

I only watch rugby every 24 years. 😀 Last time was 1995. We were living in Laaiplek and didn’t have a TV so we went to Auntie Blanche’s house and sat in Junior’s bedroom, all lined up on the ... See more

3 weeks ago
What Happens When the Apocalypse You're Writing Starts to Come True? - Electric Literature

Writing this piece was sooo hard. Like trying to get a salmon away from a grizzly. I don’t know why writing is so hard for me - other writers seem to fling out the words with no trouble. Mine have ... See more

3 weeks ago
THE THOUSAND STEPS by Helen Brain | Kirkus Reviews

The US version of The Thousand Steps as reviewed by Kirkus. Sometimes I think I'm crazy to have mixed dystopia, time travel, mythology and South African history into one trilogy... but teenagers and ... See more

4 weeks ago

I have an absolute horror of having my photo taken, but as the countdown begins to the publication of The Thousand Steps in the US, I've had to bite the bullet.
photo Patrick McKenna.

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