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4 days ago
The Little Reptile : Animals Figure

I love this a million trillion times.

5 days ago

I love Cliff McNish’s spooky evocative writing. He’s put up a quiz guessing which cover teenagers preferred. I reckon 3. What’s your bet.

1 week ago

I'm ready for a change, and looking for a new direction. Next year I'm turning 60. I'm in the last quarter of my life.
I don't know if I have the personal ego strength necessary to continue with ... See more

1 week ago
10 Melory Crescent, Magill, SA 5072

This is how you write horror.
The house looks good from outside. Inside it is a bit creepy, but not more so than many houses of the period. And then WHAM! You jump out of your skin and suddenly ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Helen Brain Author's post

I’m moving in a new direction and learning to illustrate. Free motion embroidery on a sewing machine fascinates me because it’s like drawing but in thread. I’m using a vintage Bernina from the ... See more

2 weeks ago
Norma Hinkens Author

What every day of my childhood was like.

2 weeks ago
If You Have These Traits You Might Be a Writer

Interesting article about what it takes to be a writer.

3 weeks ago

I made myself a little drawing spot in the window.

3 weeks ago
How a rural community hopes to retain spiritual life undermined by western ways

This is the kind of theology I wrote about in The Fiery Spiral, the last book in my trilogy. The kind I dreamed of for a restored world where we live with empathy and connection to ourselves, each ... See more

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