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Roast chicken, crispy roast potatoes, gem squash, peas and carrots. Thick gravy made with dripping and bisto. Followed by apple pie from the Warings bakery in Pinetown, with its sprinkling of castor ... See more

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My husband's Ouma used to tell us about her mother, captured in a British concentration camp during the Boer war. A measles epidemic swept through the camp. Every morning the guards came and removed ... See more

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How did you find yourself in the place you live now? Tell the person reading this in 2063 about your journey.
And don't forget to add anything else you want to record, like statistics, emotions, ... See more

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Prompt 1: Tell any future readership about yourself. Don't forget to add in your usual stuff, if you're including it - case statistics, significant events, how you're feeling emotionally (and ... See more

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Journal Prompts Day 1

1 week ago

Who's ready for a challenge? We're living through an historic event. Fifty years from now our descendants will do school projects on the Covid outbreak.
So Challenge #2 is to Write a Lockdown ... See more

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If you’re stuck at home self isolating, don’t forget I teach writing online. It’s one on one, with lots of personal feedback and support. You can start anytime that suits you. ... See more

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