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2 weeks ago
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Learn how to develop a strong throughline in your writing.
Join my 'Writing Strong Structure' course, this Saturday in Marina da Gama. ... See more

3 weeks ago
Karen Vermeulen Illustration

Check out this - portrait of you with your pets created by Karen Vermeulen, who designed the cover for the US version of The Thousand Steps (coming out in September).
It would make a brilliant ... See more

3 weeks ago

I was talking to illustrator Savyra Meyer-Lippold recently about how when you see an exceptional piece of art you know that it's outstanding almost immediately.
What tells you this? Is it a feeling? ... See more

3 weeks ago
N.K. Jemisin on Creating New Worlds and Playing with Imagination | Writer's Digest

This is really interesting. N.K.Jemisin is only able to write full time by funding through Patreon. She gets funded to $3000 a month, which pays her rent and medical aid.
She should move to South ... See more

3 weeks ago

Tell me a story about this little creature. Is it despairing? Rolling its eyes?
PS. You can buy it on Goop for $760.

3 weeks ago
'Bridge to Terabithia' author Katherine Paterson wins E.B. White Award for literature

Have you read Bridge to Terabithia? It’s an amazing piece of writing, one of my favourite children’s books. It’s so damn sad, without being maudlin, sentimental or mawkish. Katherine Paterson ... See more

3 weeks ago

Need help with structuring your writing? Don't forget my workshop on Saturday 6th in Marina da Gama, Cape Town. Only a few places left.
You can buy tickets here: https://qkt.io/s5Ckeo

3 weeks ago

Walked past this dental surgery in Wynberg. I know in the top name the G must stand for Dr Good Fortune. But what does the I stand for in the second name? And where is Dr Outrageous Fortune? So many ... See more

4 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

It's hard to know if you're hitting the mark when you're in a different country to your student. I have to rely on the student feedback collected by The Writers College
"Encouraging, honest, ... See more

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