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3 weeks ago

I love the treasures people bring to the British Antiques Roadshow, but even more I love the people in the background. They’re so busy listening to the experts that they’re unaware of the camera ... See more

3 weeks ago

If you want to learn how to illustrate picture books.... I’m tempted to sign up and make a picture book for my grandson,

3 weeks ago
A lot has changed in book publishing in the last ten years | The Idea Logical Company

More on how the world of publishing has changed in the last ten years. This time from the publisher’s perspective.

3 weeks ago
10 Steps To Making A Living As A Self-Published Fiction Author In 2019

Such an interesting article on self publishing. It’s astonishing how in the space of under twenty years an entire industry can change so dramatically, and require so much more from its ... See more

4 weeks ago

Patrick Gale’s excellent guidelines for writing sex without being a contender for the Bad Sex Awards

1 month ago

What sweet children Madi and Josh are and how cross their mum must have been when they wrote on the whiteboard with permanent marker. Another charity shop find I managed to resist.

1 month ago
How to Write Your First Book

I don’t want to be overly critical but.... a typewriter in a field of poppies is possibly not the most efficient way to get a book written in a hurry.

1 month ago
He’s Writing 365 Children’s Books in 365 Days, While Holding Down a Day Job

Anyone can write a kids story every day for a year. The real art lies in working on one manuscript until it’s as perfect as possible - even if that takes a full year.

1 month ago
Kathy Servian Photography

Clever idea by my ex student Kathy Giannoulis. Designing a cover is one area that many self publishing writers struggle with.

1 month ago

You like owls? They’re like cats, the way they sit there, aloof on the roof. Not like dogs at all. Dogs are hadedas. This owl sits on the neighbour’s roof at dusk sometimes. I feel very honored ... See more

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