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2 months ago

I don’t know why this makes me laugh so much. Dr Ruth, aged 91, on the Amanpour show. What a fantastic old lady, and what a character she would make in a short story. The geriatric sex therapist ... See more

2 months ago

What kind of armchair warrior are you?
Me, I like to lie on my couch watching people build cabins by hand in the Alaskan rain or snow.
Then I shout at them for being lazy when they bring in a ... See more

2 months ago
50 Years of Silence

This is one of those books you never forget. Jan was 21 when her family was sent to a POW camp in Indonesia, and she was forced into being a sex slave for Japanese soldiers. It's an extraordinary ... See more

2 months ago
Tommy Caldwell

Grit: you can't be a writer without it. And the more stickability you can develop, the easier your journey will be.
I was blown away by the superhuman grit shown by Tommy Caldwell in this movie on ... See more

2 months ago

I’ve signed up for Samantha van Riet’s illustration course so I can explore free motion machine embroidery as an illustration technique.
I find drawing hard - difficult to switch off my critical ... See more

2 months ago
Australian university to offer free natural history illustration course online

This looks like a great idea - a free course on illustrating natural history.

2 months ago
Chris Riddell

Michael Rosen telling it like it is.

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