I found this photo in a charity shop. It's by Cape Town photographer Athol Moult, and it perfectly captures my mental image and mood of the opening of the final book in the Elevation Trilogy. At the end of Book 2 Ebba combines the four amulets. She's immediately...

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Creating Gods

I'm focusing on creating a mythology for Celestia this month. It's complicated and right now it feels impossible to conjure this whole world out of nothing. Then I have to make sure the story hangs together and the world is consistent. I have to think through every...

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Why Elevation?

When I first came up with the idea of Elevation, I struggled to imagine what Cape Town would be like if the sea rose 83 meters.  I'm not very good with spacial stuff, and my sense of Geography is rubbish too, so I needed help. First I did some research and came up...

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This is my dog Isidingo. I love her more than any dog I've ever owned. We adopted her at the saddest point of my life, when my husband Luke was dying, and she has been at my heels ever since, following me from room to room, and sleeping next to my bed at night. She's...

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