When I first came up with the idea of Elevation, I struggled to imagine what Cape Town would be like if the sea rose 83 meters. 
I’m not very good with spacial stuff, and my sense of Geography is rubbish too, so I needed help.

First I did some research and came up with the rough number of a sea level rise 83 meters if nuclear war melted the polar icecaps. 
Then I had to find a way to visualise what the city would be like.

I found a brilliant website http://www.floodmap.net which helped me map it out. What struck me first was how little arable land would be left – basically everything cream coloured, which showed me that if Ebba owned the land around Constantia she’d be enormously powerful.

I also made a 3 D model of Table Island City using window putty, so I could get some idea of the terrain and accessibility. It’s horribly inaccurate and very ugly due to my crappy painting skills, but it helped me see the city in a different way.

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