The Basics of Creative Writing

The Basics of Creative Writing teaches the basic skills of fiction writing over a five month period. Students send in exercises for marking and comment and may enrol anytime during the year. Find out more at SA Writers College

“The course can be described as enriching, challenging, inspiring, life changing and addictive.”

Andie Tane, Basics of Creative Writing Course


Advanced Creative Writing

The Advanced Course in Creative Writing takes the skills learned in the Basics course and develops and expands them. The course lasts six months and includes extensive feedback. Enrolment anytime during the year.   Find out more at: SA Writers College

“This course was so enjoyable. I learned so much about what goes into making a great scene. Helen was a wonderful tutor and mentor – her advice was invaluable! She was very encouraging in her feedback and was always there to help me whenever I had any questions. Thank you, Helen! I loved it!” Maria Papas, Advanced Creative Writing, July 2016, Sydney

Write a Children’s Book – Part 1

Students have eight months to learn about plotting, characterisation and dialogue, and to develop their plot and character backstories.  By the end of the course they will have submitted 5000 words of their chapter book for 7-12 year olds for feedback.

Write a Children’s Book – Part 2

Part 2 students have six months to complete their manuscript and to submit it chapter by chapter for feedback.

“ I signed up for Helen’s course, and it’s enlightened me about the other, often unseen but always crucial, ingredients that are needed for a good story – like structure, character, planning. It’s taught me techniques I didn’t have before. And Helen has pushed me in the most encouraging way, all the way. My stories are going to be incomparably better for it.”

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